It is the process of providing an ideal appearance by removing the shape, texture, row and color disorders in the mouth.

First Session


By listening to the needs and wants of our patients, possible solutions are shared transparently and the treatment process is planned in alignment.

Sample Cases

Treatments applied to our previous patients are assessed with the patient and expectations are clarified based on concrete data.

Necessary measurements are taken for the mock-up to be prepared in line with the expectations of our patient and photo shoots are taken.

Second Session

In the second session of our treatment, the mock-up study we prepared is placed in the mouth of our patient and corrections are made in line with the feedback we receive.

Third Session

In our third session, which is the last stage, the aesthetic restorations we have prepared in our laboratory are placed in the mouth. We carefully listen to the expectations and complaints of our patients throughout the sessions and thus, are able to complete the treatment in this session.

Dental Procedures

Maxillofacial Surgery

It is our department that deals with deterioration in dental and surrounding tissues, wisdom tooth and cyst operations.


It is the branch that removes teeth deficiencies with titanium implants placed in the jaw bones in order to regulate the function and aesthetics.


It is the branch of dentistry that deals with the health of gums and surrounding tissues. It deals with problems such as gingival recession and bleeding also gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetics).


Pediatric Dentistry

It is our department that protects the development, function and esthetics of children's oral and dental health and corrects it when necessary. We practice preventive dentistry to ensure optimum dental health and growth in children.


It is a specialization that follows the disorders of the jaw and kneed teeth in children and performs their treatment with fixed or movable appliances when necessary.