Surgical intervention of teeth, gums and jaw bones

Surgery Details

All dental surgery procedures, including implantology and gingival surgeries, are carried out in our clinic. Diagnosis and treatment of injuries and deformations experienced by our patients are performed by our specialist doctors.

First Session

In the first session of the cases involving surgery, the case is evaluated by listening to the complaint, by examination and x-ray, if necessary, by the tomography; and the diagnosis is made after the consultation with specialists. For the dental surgical procedure, the treatment plan is completed by presenting it to our patient for local anesthesia or sedation in our clinic or in our contracted hospital under general anesthesia.


Second Session

Treatment and Control

After the procedures performed in our clinic, our patient is sent to his/her home and is regularly followed up with. After the procedures under general anesthesia, based on the decision of our doctors, we make our patients rest for a few hours or sometimes overnight at the hospital.

Third Session


The recovery period of our patient after the operation is usually checked in our clinic a week later.

Dental Procedures

Maxillofacial Surgery

It is our department that deals with deterioration in dental and surrounding tissues, wisdom tooth and cyst operations.


It is the branch that removes teeth deficiencies with titanium implants placed in the jaw bones in order to regulate the function and aesthetics.


It is the branch of dentistry that deals with the health of gums and surrounding tissues. It deals with problems such as gingival recession and bleeding also gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetics).


Pediatric Dentistry

It is our department that protects the development, function and esthetics of children's oral and dental health and corrects it when necessary. We practice preventive dentistry to ensure optimum dental health and growth in children.


It is a specialization that follows the disorders of the jaw and kneed teeth in children and performs their treatment with fixed or movable appliances when necessary.